Performance and durability of citizen initiatives

Malika Igalla’s PhD project is part of the RePolis program. She examines the durability and performance of citizen initiatives focused on self-organising public services.

Nowadays, citizens take matters into their own hands generating services or goods themselves for local communities. Furthermore, receding governments are keen to seize the benefits of this civil strength in order to tackle social issues. Expectations of citizen self-organisation are high. However, little is known about the performance and durability of citizen initiatives. To what extent are they able to shape public services and goods in a durable manner, how do they perform and what are important factors in this respect?

Research on the outcomes of citizen initiatives and the effects of determinants is scarce and needed. Recent literature that is especially based on (single) case studies, does provide three relevant determinants affecting success and growth of citizen initiatives. These are network characteristics, government strategies and leadership styles of citizen initiators.

In this PhD research, effects of these determinants on the durability and performance of citizen initiatives will be explored and explained by using a mixed-method approach. During her research, Malika Igalla will be supervised by prof. dr. Jurian Edelenbos (promotor), dr. Ingmar van Meerkerk (co-promotor) and dr. Arwin van Buuren (RePolis).