Launch of the BEGIN project

At the end of January a new project started, the BEGIN project ( In this Interreg project 10 European cities and 6 research institutes are involved. The working title of this project is: “Blue-green infrastructure through social innovation”.

Because of climate change rainfall is more frequent and voluminous. Cities can’t cope with that amount of rainwater, because their sewage systems are unable to handle that amount. A possible solution to cope with this problem is to invest in blue-green infrastructures, like rainwater harvesting and green corridors. During the next 4 years the cities are going to create blue-green infrastructures and during this process they will be guided by various research institutes. Erasmus University, together with the Royal College of Art, is responsible for the social innovation part of this project. By establishing partnerships between stakeholders, like citizens and municipalities they share the responsibility for implementing and maintaining blue-green infrastructures. By doing so, their long-term existence could be ensured.

This project will be a part of the Repolis programme during the next few years. As part of the BEGIN project the research will focus on (sustainable) partnership between the government and other stakeholders.